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VAMPY workshop with Bettie Bombshell


Sorry, there are no classes scheduled at this time.

1hour 15 min workshop with Bettie Bombshell!

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Course Description

“Oh the vamp!  A witch, a terror, a menace. The one who leads them astray,” 

The ultimate seduction, the dance of the darkness.  They would party all night and sleep all day, just like the undead, but their penchant for champagne cocktails wasn't their defining feature — their predatory eyes were.
Being labelled a Vamp meant you were a master of seduction. A term cast upon the most powerful & cunning who would seduce and take exactly what they wanted. 
Join Bettie for this 1.5 hour session of temptation and learn everything you need to seduce the crowd. It's slow, it's sexy and who doesn't want to feel like they own the room and the audience in it!
You will learn a piece of delicious choreography you then perform to the class in groups, as well as new tips and tricks for moving around the stage, how to use & hold eye contact, slinking on and off the floor with ease and fun ways to remove your costume. 

What to Wear

Bring: Gloves & shirt/ robe/ or something of that nature. 
Heels are hot AF but they are not necessary to do this class. Wear whatever makes you feel sexy.



Open to anyone over the age of 18 years +, suitable for all levels including Beginners.


$50.00 per student (including GST)

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