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Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes 3 week Workshop with Bettie Bombshell


East Victoria Park

Bollywood Dance Studio
Unit 1, 207 Bank Street

Starts 29 June

3 week course

Tuesday 7.15pm

with Bettie Bombshell

2 places remaining

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3 x 1 hour workshops over 3 weeks with Miss Burlesque Australia 2019, Bettie Bombshell!

Course Description

Remember the song head, shoulders, knees & toes? Well these new workshops are kind of like that! Work with reigning Miss Burlesque Australia, Bettie Bombshell in this 3 part/ 3 week workshop series to elevate yours acts, improve your skills, and learn the tricks of the trade.

Each week we focus on a different aspect of performance - Head, face & arms, Legs, musicality & feet, and how to put it all together and create an act.

Learn how to move your arms with style, how to choreograph facial expressions to really communicate with the audience and elevate your character, how to enhance your choreography with musicality, correct foot placements, technique, and then how to take all of those wonderful new skills you have just learnt and apply them to an act! 

WEEK 1: Head, face & arms. 

Creating lines with your body and having big facial expressions are crucial elements to any performance. It's something that you need to practise just as much as your splits or shimmys! In this workshop you will learn how to use your arms and body to enhance your movements as well as choreograph facial expressions to elevate your act. 

We will explore how to connect with your audience just by altering the way you hold your arms, and perform your movements. I guarantee your acts will pop after these hot tips! You gotta make big beautiful shapes, dance for the back row and get that amazing photo! Each week we will learn a piece of choreography created by Bettie Bombshell to tie all these wonderful new skills together.  

WEEK 2: Legs, musicality & feet

Footwork and technique is so important! No, you absolutely don't have to be a ballet dancer to be on stage, but you do need to have a basic understanding of how to carry yourself when on stage. 

We will learn everything from how to stand, walk, turn, how to do those fancy burlesque footwork combinations, and the best ways to get onto the floor without hurting your knees! In short, it's a complete overhaul! Each week we will learn a piece of choreography created by Bettie Bombshell to tie all these wonderful new skills together.  

WEEK 3: How to create an act

Right! So we've just learnt all these wonderful new skills and tricks, but how do we apply them and create some burlesque magic? Don't stress, we got you covered. Bettie will walk you through all the bits and pieces you need to know when creating an act, or how to elevate your existing work. Picking music, creating a story, interesting reveals, using levels to create interesting choreography, and the list goes on.

Bring your notebooks and pens along because there will be lots of note taking.

What to Wear

Please bring: Gloves for week 1, knee pads for week 2, Heels are not needed, socks are fine to worn.


Open to all genders over the age of 18 years old.
Some dance experience preferred.


$100.00 per student (including GST)

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