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Chiffonography 4 week workshop with Bettie Bombshell


Sorry, there are no classes scheduled at this time.

4 Week Workshop, 4 x 1hr 15 min sessions over 4 weeks on Sunday's in October 2021.

Course Description

* Please make note in your booking notes which show you are available to perform at or write either: Unleashed - Sun 14th November or NKOTB - Fri 19th November
Song: Annie Lennox - I put a spell on you 
Join the reigning Miss Burlesque Australia, Bettie Bombshell in this brand new 4 week workshop series!
You've heard of choreography, hairography, floorography, well this is CHIFFONOGRAPHY! Using fabric whilst performing burlesque is as old as the art form itself, BUT using fabric beautifully and purposely is something else altogether!
In this 4 week course we will learn the magic of teasing with fabric. We will explore the many different ways you can use fabric to create beautiful silhouettes, and discover a brand new way to tantalise your audience using only a square of chiffon.
We will whip, whirl, flip and dip with our fabric discovering new and seductive reveals and tease the crowds and some fun tricks along the way. Think of it like a big floaty pair of feather fans that are much easier to maneuver and a lot cheaper to own!
Sugar Blue is a welcoming space for LGBTQIA+ folks, and we are dedicated to making all people across the gender and sexuality spectrum feel respected and included. We encourage our students to share their pronouns in class if they are comfortable, and have a zero tolerance policy for bullying. If you are unsure or unaware, please refer to this helpful guide regarding inclusive language practices

What to Wear

Costume needs:
A piece of white fabric that is a little longer than your fingertip to fingertip arm span (so you can hold it easily) and falls just at your knees. 
To get this measurement accurately, hold the fabric in your hands across your body so the top of it touches just below your collarbone and let it fall in front of you - See image attached for visual description.  
Ideally this fabric will be a floaty fabric like silk, chiffon, or organza. Heavy fabrics will not work for this piece unfortunately. You can pop to spotlight or home craft textiles and pick up something cheap!
A pair of high waisted skin tone bottoms. The aim of this piece is to look nude! The bottoms can be sparkled however you like. I recommend using AB or plain crystal to achieve a sparkly nude effect.
A skin tone bra/ top that you can remove with ease. The aim of this piece is to look nude! The bra/top can be sparkled however you like. I recommend using AB or plain crystal to achieve a sparkly nude effect.
A claw hair clip for a hair reveal (meaning we will begin with our hair up in a clip, and take the clip out to let our hair out through the act) If you have short hair, we have short hair choreography also!
A pair of dance shoes. These can have a heel, they can be a flat shoe, whatever you feel comfortable performing in! I don't recommend working in a very high heel if you aren't an advanced level performer. 
A pair of pasties with tassels. If you don't feel like going down to pasties that is totally ok! All you will need to do is attach some tassels onto a skin tone bra and we can fake it baby. 


Open to all genders over the age of 18 years

Suitable for people at all experience levels, beginners welcome. 

*People with disabilities are welcome to bring along a support worker if needed.

*All dance teachers are happy to adjust dance moves as needed to accommodate people with disabilities.


$150.00 per student (including GST)

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