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Water Sleeves with Chloe The Cocaine


East Victoria Park

Bollywood Dance Studio
Unit 1, 207 Bank Street

Starts 27 July

1 week course

Tuesday 7.15pm

with Special Guest

2 hour workshop with Chloe The Cocaine

Course Description

Expensive Hands – Water Sleeves Dance 

Historical Background 

In Chinese Opera, water sleeves are worn by both male and female characters of the higher social class. They are so named because performers can use them to produce movements like the ripples of water. 

This workshop is designed to master movements in long or wide sleeves. (eg. Catherine D'Lish gowns, kimono robe) 

Based on the fundamental techniques of Chinese classic water sleeve dance, Chloe creates a series of unique movements to manage the extended fabric of the garment sleeves. 

About Chloe The Cocaine:

Expensive. Addictive and dangerous. With eyes of endless emeralds, Chloe the Cocaine is an innocuous inhalation of stimulating sin within seconds you’ll be spun into a heady mist of spice, sin and Shaoxing. Rising from the East and setting with scintillation, she is shining star amidst a Shanghai night. With the soft gape of a painted lip, the gentle grace of a pointed fingertip, Chloe is a jade encrusted treasure trove of authentic Chinese tease with a background in Traditional Chinese dance.

Subversive and sexual, she’s inked to an inch with a taboo tattooed body that breaks Chinese social convention.

There is an old Chinese saying, “One minute on stage takes decades of work.” Classical Chinese dance has been around for 5000 years and Chloe is a master of the oriental classic dance form. Her 26 years of dance training spans not just classical Chinese traditional dance but everything from contemporary dance to k pop and jazz. She has performed and taught with Western Australia’s Chung Wah Chinese Association and appeared at the Chinese New Year Northbridge Festival in 2012, Curtain University’s Multicultural Day in 2011 and the Moonlight Festival in Perth and Brisbane.

Chloe made her debut on the burlesque stage in 2017. She began performing as a soloist in October of 2018 and has quickly risen as one of Australia’s most unique and explosive ecdysiasts.

In 2019 Chloe won the Australian Burlesque Festival’s prestigious newcomers competition, which catapulted her onto interstate stages around the country. 

What to Wear

Any costume with big sleeves, comfortable dance shoes


Open to all genders over the age of 18 years


$50.00 per student (including GST)

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